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Data format
- Data sheets are in PDF so you need a pdf reader to view the datasheets.
- There are several mirror sites with the same data. You can use the mirror site that is closest to your location. The mirror sites are selected by clicking the flags in the main index page (The one with 'Welcome @ Frank's electron Tube Data sheets'.).
- If a datasheet is not in English the language code (ISO 639) is appended in the last column of the table.
Looking for tubedata
- In the main tables you can find a datasheet alphabetically. Most entries give a full datasheet. (Note that many data sheets cover more then one tube. This means that you should look to the left most column in the tables for a tube type number. In the right most column the file name is listed which may have a different file name as this is usually the file name of the first ocurring tube type in the data sheet.)
- If you don't find your tube in the main tables you may check the vademecum pages. There is brief data for each tube and often you will find data for a equivalent. Note that equivalents may not be 100% equivalent.
- Then you may try the 'tube type list'. By clicking the table header 'Electron tube Type' There is short data there too.
- There are also several search options. These are made by the person that host the mirror site where the search resides. You find the links to the search in the right top corner of the main tables.
- If you still did not find the right tube data and you know the manufacturer, you can check if there are databooks on the website. Click the top left button that says 'much more!' Then choose Manufacturers Index, then choose a manufacturer. You might find a databook that has the data you're looking for.
the website
- Many people contributed to this tube-data web-site! First of all the people that host my data on their mirror site. They are all tube lovers and do this for free !!! You can find their names next to the link(flag) that selects the mirror of that person. e.g. Jasiu Barczynski was the first to offer me webspace for a mirror.
- Then there are many people sending me data, photo's, etc. e.g. John Atwood is to thank for a lot of American tube data sheets. See the list of people that contributed here.
- It is my intention not to publish data that belongs to someone else. Although... In fact all scanned data is not my property but i guess tube manufacturers only benefit from publicity (if they still exist!). If you should find data on my tube data pages that belongs to you, let me know.